HTWF&IP-Week 1 Update

Part of my reason for working through the book and posting results on Joe's Goals was to keep myself accountable. I also said I would report on some "In the Field Experiences" (IFE).

  • The most notable IFE was the Lead Engineer walking into my office and making this comment; "I haven't heard anything out of you this week. Nobodys pissed you off?" I told him that this week wasn't any different than any other week and I was trying a different approach to things.

  • There were also three major problems not of my making or in my area of control that I had to handle. These were customer service issues caused by another department. One of the departments at our project is like the awkward classmate that makes the inappropriate comment at the wrong time and is totally unaware of other people's feelings plus they have no idea how to deal effectively with people. That's where my boss and I step in and deal with the situations. I use to get extremely frustrated and this just had a negative effect on how I dealt with the situation. I now realize that the most effective way to handle the situation is in a positive way and deal with the cause of the problem the same way.

This approach actually causes less stress for me and everyone involved is more receptive to working with the customer to solve the problem, even our awkward classmates.


Scott Edward Jacobs said...

Excellent update! It seems like you're making good progress.

Do you have a timeline for your goal?

MikeB said...

Good question Scott. From what I've read it takes about 30 days to make something a habit. I think if I can make the first principle a habit the other principles will fall into place. Knowing someone is watching will make me more consceince of my actions.

Thanks for stopping by.