Day 21

Below is my weight loss for the last 21 days.  The spikes are days that I ate what I wanted and not worry about the diet.  You can see how after the spikes my weight dropped back to near my loss level.  This seems to work with IFing.  My first goal is around 175lbs.  I should be there by about day 40+.

I don't stress if I go out and eat not so healthy or too much.  I try to keep my eye on the long term goal.  For me weighing every day helps me know how to tweak my eating.  I can keep a better handle on it that way.

Good luck to others that are trying this type of eating.


Fourteen Days

In fourteen days I've lost seven pounds.  I've gone from 196.5 to 189.5.  Currently I'm using intermittent fasting as my basis for weight loss. Basically, I fast til somewhere between 12 pm to 2pm, Eat a clean (salad, nuts, veggies, and occasionally some meat) meal.  Information on intermittent fasting can be found at Mike O'Donnell's site, aka 2 Meal Mike, the IF Life.  The IF Life was founded in 2008 by MikeMike has been a personal trainer and health/fitness coach (for over 10 years), as well as a professional blogger/writer. Mike is also the author of the 2 Meal Solution and Burst3 workouts.

Its interesting when you look at hunger, it's just another feeling like being tired, thirsty, sleepy, etc.  Getting control of that feeling is the hard part.  I know I feel the hungriest when I'm bored or around one my favorite snacks, chocolate. I've accepted the fact that I have to abstain because my moderator switch is broken.  I've been this way all my life.

My injury continues to progress towards getting better so for the present time I'm keeping my condition up by cycling, working out on the elliptical machine and kettlebell work outs.  All done at home, no gym's involved.

Until next time.


Road to recovery 012

Well it finally caught up with me.  During my training for the Atlanta Marathon I developed an insatiable appetite that has carried on with me after the marathon two months ago.  Along with the appetite I developed an injury during training that was exacerbation during the marathon.  So you can fill in the blanks.

I'm not one to make resolution but for the sake of my health I need some form of accountability.  That includes you watching me during the next couple of months.  I need to lose 25+ lbs.  I would like to get back to around 170lbs.  I'm 6 feet tall and have be as low as 160.  I carry the weight well (all in my butt) however, overweight is overweight.


Cyclocross End of Season

After a long season of hard fought battles, Simon finished second in the 2009 Georgia Cross Series-Juniors under 14.


Another Reason to Cut Sugar Intake

Sugar and Testosterone

Authors: Nancy Appleton Ph.D. and G.N. Jacobs

(Source:nancyappletonbooks.wordpress.com - Reprinted with permission from the authors)

Just say the words gonads, testosterone or any of the unprintable slang associated with testicles, sex and male virility and you’ll get a laugh or at least amused looks. Now, say those words again, but in a context that says, “you’re going to lose that capability, son” and watch what happens. The collective scream you hear is shrill enough to replace the air raid sirens America abandoned as stupid in the 1980s. Well, one way men lose that capability is to eat sugar. (read more)


The Greater Atlanta Men's BBQ Club & Support Group

The GAMBBQC&SG held its first annual party. The significance of this is that for men; if you move away from your college buddies, get married and have kids it is extreemly difficult to make new friends as an adult. I did several searches and there's not much out there on the subject of men and friendships. I did find this article Best Life:
  • In June 2006, sociologists at Duke University and the University of Arizona, for instance, provided the most recent statistical analysis of the problem. Their report, "Social Isolation in America: Changes in Core Discussion Networks Over Two Decades," announced, among other things, that the number of friends with whom Americans discuss important matters has shrunk as much as 33 percent over a span of nearly 20 years. This problem is particularly acute for young, educated men, who have lost an above-average number of "discussion partners"—down from 3.5 in 1985 to 2.0 in 2004—according to the study. Friendship, the report suggests, has taken a serious dive across the culture, and guys like us in particular are shedding companionship faster than anyone else. (read more)
This makes it more important that men have groups like the GAMBBQC&SG to have interaction and develop new friendships and not become isolated. We're fortunate to have someone in our neighborhood that has the skills and personality to take this on and keep the group together.

Thanks for your effort Kenyon.

Oh yeah, how was the party? Eric Campbell provided fantastic BBQ. Music by Chicago Joe Jones was fantastic and the side dishes were great.
The President (Kenyon) to the left of the photo.

The Party Place.

Chicago Joe Jones


End of Summer

Last week was spent on the beach at Tybee Island, Georgia. This was the hooray for Simon and Isabelle before school starts on August 10th. Tybee Island is a laid back beach town 18 miles from Savannah.

Tybee means "salt" to Native Americans, but the name of this low-key seaside resort now brings to mind words such as "sun","surf" and "fun". Located 18 miles east of Savannah, this small barrier island boasts a wide, 3-mile long beach that's backed by seaoat-covered sand dunes and is perfect for sunbathing, people-watching and frolicking in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.
The island's south-end pier and pavilion is a splendid venue for strolling above the ocean,people watching and fishing.

Although vacationers are lured to Tybee mainly because of what it provides in the way of recreation and relaxation, those with a love of history won't be disappointed. Tybee offers: Fort Screven, The Tybee Island Lighthouse (dated 1773), an intriguing museum, and Fort Pulaski National Monument which is just west of the island on Hwy 80. (read more)

Most of our time was spent on the beach relaxing, reading or swimming. I did however, manage to get in three good workouts. One that included a 1k swim in the ocean. My Father in law spent his time building a pile near our base camp.

We were never able to have a Mylie sighting but saw the area where the movie was being filmed on the South end of the island.

We had a great time, but we're (Allison and I) glad that tomorrow starts another school year and we can get into our fall routine.