Day 21

Below is my weight loss for the last 21 days.  The spikes are days that I ate what I wanted and not worry about the diet.  You can see how after the spikes my weight dropped back to near my loss level.  This seems to work with IFing.  My first goal is around 175lbs.  I should be there by about day 40+.

I don't stress if I go out and eat not so healthy or too much.  I try to keep my eye on the long term goal.  For me weighing every day helps me know how to tweak my eating.  I can keep a better handle on it that way.

Good luck to others that are trying this type of eating.


Fourteen Days

In fourteen days I've lost seven pounds.  I've gone from 196.5 to 189.5.  Currently I'm using intermittent fasting as my basis for weight loss. Basically, I fast til somewhere between 12 pm to 2pm, Eat a clean (salad, nuts, veggies, and occasionally some meat) meal.  Information on intermittent fasting can be found at Mike O'Donnell's site, aka 2 Meal Mike, the IF Life.  The IF Life was founded in 2008 by MikeMike has been a personal trainer and health/fitness coach (for over 10 years), as well as a professional blogger/writer. Mike is also the author of the 2 Meal Solution and Burst3 workouts.

Its interesting when you look at hunger, it's just another feeling like being tired, thirsty, sleepy, etc.  Getting control of that feeling is the hard part.  I know I feel the hungriest when I'm bored or around one my favorite snacks, chocolate. I've accepted the fact that I have to abstain because my moderator switch is broken.  I've been this way all my life.

My injury continues to progress towards getting better so for the present time I'm keeping my condition up by cycling, working out on the elliptical machine and kettlebell work outs.  All done at home, no gym's involved.

Until next time.