Had Enough to Eat?

Check out this story over at NPR about overeating.

Gut Reaction: Overeating Can Impair Body Function
by Patti Neighmond

The holiday season is pretty much over. But is your body over the holiday season? For many people, indulging during these food-filled celebrations can set the stage for routine overeating.
The problem, some doctors and researchers say, is that overeating causes biological changes in the body that can lead to more food cravings and cause your stomach to send mixed signals about when it's actually full. (read more)

Be sure to read this as well: A Partial Fast Retunes The Body. From juice-only diets to herbal tea cleanses, there are lots of fasting fads for sale, but experts say a 24-hour fast with water is the safest.


Jesse Milton said...

Amen. Intermittent fasting and a good dose of Fire Cider works very time.

MikeB said...

Yeah, Fire Cider is a great way to start the day and kkep you on track with you fast.