Cyclocross Race Report

The following is a fresh perspecrtive from an almost 10 year old rookie cross racer after his first race.

Dad: Simon after hearing me talk about cyclocross racing was the race what you expected?
Simon: Yes.
Dad: What was the hardest part?
Simon: I think carring your bike up the stairs, pushing your bike up the sandy hill, and going down the sharp turn on the gravel.
Dad: What did you like most about the race?
Simon: Finishing it.
Dad: Is there anything else you want to say about the race?
Simon: I think that it was really fun but hard at the same time.
Dad: Will you race again?
Simon: Yes.
  • Heard leaving the course:
Dad: How was it?
Simon: I thought I was going to be the first kid in America to have a heart attack.


asithi said...

I love hearing a kid say "I think that it was really fun but hard at the same time." When I get comments like this from my baby sister, I know that I am taking her out of her comfort zone, but she is learning something at the same time.

MikeB said...

I think Simon got a real sense of accomplishment from doing the race.