Cyclocross Season

I began my sport specific training for the Georgia Cross cylcocross racing series. There is a group of about six of us that get together at a public field on the Ga. Tech campus.

The series is eight races beginning on October 5th and ending December 7th (no race on Thanksgiving weekend).

The workout on Sunday looked like this:
  • 10 min warm up
  • 2x10 min interval
  • 1x20 min interval

A good foundation in cycling and running is necessary before taking on the sport specific training. The sustained output for the training is much more intense than road cycling or running.

My last hard run was 6.58 miles at an average pace of 8:42/mile. This produce these heart rates:

  • Average: 148 beats per minute
  • Max: 168 beats per minute

The second 10 minute interval of cyclocross practice:

  • Average: 161 beats per minute
  • Max: 170 beats per minute

My highest heart rate was 173 beats per minute in the last 20 minute interval.

To learn more about cyclocross, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRZOa_E9Qs8

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