Horse Camp

This past Friday was the end of another great week pf Horse Camp at Ellenwood Equestrian Center. Ellenwood is about a half hour south of Atlanta in Henry County.

The way it works; the kids are divided into groups with an older (teenager) helper that has experience working around and with horses. They have a different morning chore each day that is changed each day. This helps the kids understand the benefits of working together to finish a task. After that there is time to learn the fine art of Dressage or as the kids say riding horses. The emphasis is on saftey and there is a set protocol to tacking up, untacking and entering
the training ring. The kids are responsible for tacking up with the supervision of a helper. After the "horse riding" there is free time for swimming walking the trails through the woods or just general free time.

The preparation, clothing and condition of Simon and Isabelle after the day reminds me of my first job working in a hay field when I was a teenager.

The kids are outside all day and get the same minor abrasions and exposure to animals and insects that I got when I was a kid.

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