Alternative Routines (Being Flexible)

I'm one that likes my routine. I don't like change and will fight hard to keep things the way they are. It is a benefit for things like sticking to a workout or making lifestyle changes. However, it doesn't work well when life throws you a curve ball.

Wednesday mornings are usually my work week cycling morning. Tuesday night I layed out my cold weather cycling gear and was ready for the morning routine thinking the temperture would be in the mid to upper 20's. I typically check my email and look at the weather forcast briefly after dinner but missed on Tuesday. When I got down stairs at 4:15am and checked my blog my weather underground banner showed the tempature at 16 degrees. I refreshed my site and then checked other weather sites as I was sure there was a mistake. No such luck, I was faced with riding in 16 degrees or not riding. I'm not sure how but I had missed the fact that Wednesday's morning low was going to be below 20 degrees.

Typically I would have gotten down about it because I couldn't stick to my normal routine but something prompted me to checked the site of the East Lake YMCA to see what time they opened on the outside chance I would go and ride a stationary bike.

The "Y" opens at 5:30 am. I also remembered that I had done a spin class in the evening there a few times. I pulled up the group exercise programs and sure enough there was a spin class at 6:00 am. The instructor I discovered at the class is the mother of one of my kids classmate. Problem solved.

I had forgotten how hard spin class can be (no coasting). I actually pushed myself harder and enjoyed it much more than riding in the cold.

This was a good lesson for me. It goes to show you that if you will go with what you dealt and not fight it good things will usually happen.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how set in our routines we can be! I always find that if I'm open to new activities usually they turn out well, but it's so hard to let go of the things we're used to. Why is that?!

On another note- I always sweat my booty off at spin classes, and if given the choice of spinning or cycling in 16 degree weather, I'd go spinning any day.


MikeB said...

My choice as well. I a warm weather person and the cold weather hurts me.