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Why wait, we might as well get to the meat of the issue. With all the information available on the net and most of it free, there is no reason that anyone, and that includes you, can't get in shape, lose fat and develop a diet that can help eliminate a lot of your minor everyday health problems and help you live longer.

Here are the top three excuses people don't work out and some solutions to each excuse:

I don't have time.

Zen Habits has 25 Painless Ways to free up and hour a day. One way is to turn off the computer or tv, go to bed and get up earlier. Try getting up 15 minutes earlier each week. 15 minutes is a good starting point to get in the workout habit.

I don't like going to the Gym.

You can go here, here , or here to find a workout that can be performed outside in your yard, the local playground, or in a 4x4 room. Remember almost all workouts can be scaled down to anyone's level of fitness.

I can't stay motivated.

Go here and there are several articles that can help with getting motivated and staying motivated. Listen to what Will Smith has to say about motivation. Set realistic and specific goals and then tell someone about your goals and enlist them to help keep you motivated. Better yet get a workout buddy.

I'm sure you can think of others but these seem to the top three reasons people give for not starting a workout routine and sticking with it. You may ask; "Why should I listen to you?" Well, I'm just like you; I have a 8-10hr a day job that I work at five days a week, I do limited consulting work outside my regular job, I have a family, I have a house and yard that I maintain, I volunteer to help line soccer fields and coach baseball. I have studied the subject for three years and made the mistakes and found what works and doesn't so you don't have to waste your time. I not selling anything and all the information comes from people that have spent their time reading the exhaustive research on the subject and have nothing to gain. Use my time that I have weeded through the information and experimented with the different systems and let me provide concise information that can help. Feel free to ask questions.

Up next; diet and nutrition.

"What ever you are thinking about is literally like planning for a future event....What are you planning."

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